What is Magmatao and how does it work

Thanks for using this “Intercultural Chinese Social Media Marketing Automation Web Application”.

Magmatao allows you to maintain your WeChat account without the need of Chinese language knowledge. This app is now being transformed in a SaaS (‘Software as a service’) and will be expanded to include several different Chinese social media platforms and sites.

Magmatao allows you to launch Tasks: each Task is a standardized workflow built from our Social Media marketing experience in executing the goals of the task.

An example of a task is “Translate (English to Chinese), layout and publish a WeChat article”

By using forms and notifications, using the app gives the main structure to the process, and also allows for most of the unexpected events that can happen during the process.

Automation is not a loss of quality: be assured that a human executes the juicy bits, we don’t use auto translators and the Project manager (‘PM’) is ultimately responsible of keeping the task right on track for quality and deadlines.

This process at its core is a straightforward

  1. Fill a form
  2. …. (Magmatao magic happens here)
  3. Have an article published on WeChat.

Find your way around Magmatao

Once you log in, this is the epicenter of all the action, the my dashboard page (this is a early screenshot)

From here you can begin new tasks and have an overview of the status of previous ones.

When a task goes forward, you will receive email notifications. Some of them might require an action from you:

Give us feedback

This sounds like the usual trite affirmation

Your opinion is important to us!

We really mean it, as your feedback will influence the evolution of this app. You will find comments box everywhere, we call them notes.

Please use them not just to communicate with the PM about the task at hand, but also to give comments about your experience, what you found good and not. Thank you!

The Voodoo Lily team